Law & Numbers - Expatriates

On 1 May 2010 the EU guide line 883/2004/EG for the dispatch of employees within the EU has come into force.

Since May 5, 2010 the EU-decree 883/2004/EG has become effective:

•It is now possible to fix the time period for the employee secondment of 24 months a priori.

•In case there is more than one country of activity, the requirements to continue payments to the social security system of the home country were increased.

•The certificate „E101“ is replaced by the new certificate „A1“. The determinations stated in this certification are preliminary. They become binding, unless the country of activity contradict within a period of two months.

In EWR-countries the EU-decree 1408/71/EWG is still valid

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For any questions concerning expatriates issues please contact :
Björn Christian Gerow (Germany)

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