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How To Mitigate Risks and Understand Compliance in Brazil


Zilveti Advogados, jointly with the AMCHAM Brazil – who for 10 years has been developing the project “How to do Business and Invest in Brazil”, has released the guide “How to Mitigate Risks and Understand Compliance in Brazil”, aimed on companies wishing to invest in Brazil, as well as professionals and entrepreneurs who had recently arrived in the country. The guide presents general aspects about Compliance in Brazil, and also deals with the roles of the government, officers and the companies itself, especially considering the innovations brought by the Anticorruption Law.

Compliance is a set of mechanisms adopted by a company, aiming to ensure the fulfillment of the laws and regulations applied to its business, strengthening trust and credibility in order to attract investments and to establish business. The company which has an effective Compliance program, transmits to its investors and clients, an ethical and professional conduct in dealing with its business and in the relationship with third parties and the public administration. This new guide, conducted by Amcham Brasil in partnership with Zilveti Advogados, presents a unique set of information about the standards and practices of the Compliance, addressed to companies and investors in order to allow them to have greater efficiency in the control of the decision-making processes and in the performance of its employees, directors and partners.

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