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07.12.2010 (France)

New National Squad for the Repression of Tax Crimes

The new National Squad for the Repression of Tax Crimes (or Brigade Nationale de Répression de la Délinquance Fiscale - BNRDF in French), was officially established on Thursday December 2nd 2010 (Decree n°2010-1318 of November 4th 2010).

This new entity set up in the Ministry of the Interior falls under the jurisdiction of the Central Directorate of Judicial Police. It is composed of some twenty people: both agents of the judicial police specialised in financial affairs and especially trained to tax law, as well as tax officials that will intervene under the denomination of judicial tax officers after having received a special 3 months long training in criminal law at the police officer school.

This National Squad had been set up to investigate major tax frauds, aiming more specifically at large tax payers, as well as major financial crimes, organized criminality and their complex methods, such as forgery, complex financial set-ups, tax havens etc.

The means at the disposal of this squad are new and powerful: from now on, with no prior tax audit but simple suspicion of fraud, the tax authorities will be able to refer to the Committee on Tax Offenses that will transfer the case to the Public Prosecutor who himself will refer to the National Squad for the Repression of Tax Crimes.

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