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Frédéric Collot

Frédéric Collot

Etude Felten & Associes
Rue J.P. Brasseur, 2
L – 1258 Luxembourg
Phone:+ 352 45 77 45
Fax:+ 352 45 75 05
Frédéric COLLOT studied management. He has more than 14 years of experience in the tax and accounting fields.

He advises international clients on sophisticated tax planning.

He is a Member of the ALCOMFI, a Luxembourg association grouping tax consultants, and a founding partner of AD IDEM, a Luxembourg think tank tax group.

Areas of expertise:

Corporate income tax
Mergers & Acquisitions
Transfer Pricing
Withholding taxes and tax credits
Profit allocation to branches
Tax litigation
Tax audits
International tax planning
Expatriate taxation
Tax Compliance
Business Law
Accountancy Law


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