Welcome to Noble House, Russia - Member of Law & Numbers

Working in the Russian market since 2001, Noble House specializes in helping foreign businesses to develop successfully in Russia and to search for partners, agents, representatives or distributors for their products and services.

Based in Moscow with another satellite office in the Netherlands, Noble House is headed by General Director, Theodorus Schreurs.

Noble House successfully combines a western management style and ethics with the Russian business culture.

Allow us to be "your bridge to the Russian market".

Main business services provided

Back-office services
Noble House is one of the largest back-office service providers in Russia. We create entities, keep accounts and tax administration, offer legal support, administrative personnel support, registered address and the services of nominee directors through Noble House Management.

Market entry support
Noble House provides services for international companies which are interested in developing business in Russia and searching for partners, agents, representatives, or distributors for their products and services.
We provide: distributor search, market research, arrangement your company´s participation in branch exhibitions, storage of samples or stock on your behalf

Legal services
Noble House has a team of lawyers practicing in different areas of Russian law: corporate law, civil law, customs law, labour law.

Visa support
Noble House provides the whole set of immigration services for short and long-term assignments, permanent residence and hire of foreign labour force locally.

HR & Recruitment
Noble House offers full service solutions in the field of HR.
Noble House is now the affiliate of MRINetwork®, one of the world´s largest search and recruitment organizations established international network in 35 countries.

Foreign Trade
We provide a full range of services from preparing the contract and development of foreign trade logistics scheme up to customs clearance of your cargo with its delivery to your warehouse.


We developed a new concept to support web-stores with the fulfillment of their transactions in Russia.
Our web-based Fulfillment Platform allows you to:
- Monitor shipments
- Receive POD information
- Receive COD information
- Manage returns

Please visit our website www.noblehouse.ru

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