Law & Numbers - VAT

VAT is of major importance for hardly all services and deliveries. Economically VAT should be a transitory item. However, in fact this is true only if the parties comply with all material and formal requirements of the relevant VAT laws and regulations. As there are numerous and partly confusing regulations it is rather difficult for the entrepreneur to get a clear picture of all information to avoid any VAT exposure. This is true for national and international business.

In the EU the national VAT laws should be harmonised. Unfortunately, this is not fact in all details. VAT systems in non EU countries completely differ. Therefore, cross border transactions require the know how of national and international rules.

For an entrepreneur who should focus on the core business it is hardly possible to obtain an overview of all relevant systems and regulations with an acceptable effort. Consequently, professional assistance is required in order to avoid significant tax exposures.

L&N provides such professional advice in structuring the national as well as the international business to avoid VAT exposures. We will analyse your individual transactions in order to find an optimised VAT strategy and to avoid any offence of the relevant VAT laws.

To evaluate a potential risk we are prepared to carry out a VAT review. We analyse the economical and formal process of all services and deliveries and will lead you through the “VAT jungle”.
Avoid your personal VAT exposure and contact your L&N team.

For any questions concerning vat issues please contact :
Vincent Grandil (France)
Egon Schmitz (Germany)

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